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Yá’át’ééh. Shí éí Darrah Blackwater yinishyé. Béésh Bich’ahii  nishłį́ dóó Tsi’naajinii bashishchiin áádóó Béésh Bich’ahii dashicheii  áádóó Táchii’nii dashinalí.

My name is Darrah Blackwater and this is a collection of my work and passion projects.

Spectrum and Nez Perce Brilliance (w/ Danae Wilson) Determi-Nation

Darrah and Danae, IT Director for the Nez Perce Tribe, chat about how very capable tribal regulators are when it comes to managing spectrum licenses. This episode concludes the Determi-Nation mini-series on spectrum sovereignty for Native Nations. Thanks for listening! Music: "Move, I'm Indigenous" by Uyarakq
  1. Spectrum and Nez Perce Brilliance (w/ Danae Wilson)
  2. Maori Spectrum Rights (w/ Antony Royal)
  3. Spectrum Sovereignty Explained (w/ Mariel Triggs)
  4. Crystal Hottowe
  5. Elizabeth Azzuz

About Darrah

Darrah Blackwater is a recent law graduate and a fierce advocate for Indigenous peoples. She loves visual arts, tennis, and hiking.

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Read pieces Darrah has published on Indigenous telecommunications policy, as well as articles quoting, and written about Darrah.

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Listen to Darrah’s stories about travel and advocacy in her own words. Topics range from the digital divide to trail food preferances and beyond.

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Visual Arts

View Darrah’s portfolio of shoots with professional photographers. For modeling bookings, please send an email!

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It’s a good day to be Indigenous!

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