Thriving While Indigenous

Shí éí Darrah Blackwater yinishyé.

This is a blog about how I live as an Indigenous woman with German and Dutch ancestors in Navajo country today. It is my journey to thrive despite historical and religious trauma across generations, and the ongoing struggles of Indigenous peoples in the Southwest (and everywhere). Come with me as I experience life through music, food, family, friends, Indigenous law policy, running the Earth, and trying my best to heal my mind and body.

Creede Mountain Run

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for the Creede Mountian Run. I knew the stats: 22 miles, 4,000 feet of elevation gain. I trained as well as I could on the hills near my home in New Mexico. And it paid off. I had a great time and spent a few…

A Day in the Life…While Indigenous

This past Saturday was so much fun, albeit hot and exhausting. I am training for a race in Colorado this weekend, and it was a beautiful morning for hill training. I had breakfast with some of the San Juan Jazz Society, went to my Nalí’s (grandpa’s) 85th birthday party, and met some friends at an…

SWAIA Fashion Show 2021

This fashion show was such an honor to take part in. Parts of if were very stressful, but overall, I loved the experience. All of the designers and models were Indigenous, and we created beauty.

Healing While Indigenous

TW: This post discusses thoughts of suicide. My emotional dam broke earlier this year and I almost drowned in my grief. It’s not something I planned on dealing with in 2021, or ever, if I could help it. All through the winter and spring I was choosing to be happy in a relationship with a…


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