Healing While Indigenous

Shí éí Darrah Blackwater yinishyé.

This is a blog about historical and religious trauma across generations, and how I am learning to cope with it as an Indigenous person with German and Dutch ancestors.

Healing While Indigenous

TW: This post discusses thoughts of suicide. My emotional dam broke earlier this year and I almost drowned in my grief. It’s not something I planned on dealing with in 2021, or ever, if I could help it. All through the winter and spring I was choosing to be happy in a relationship with aContinue reading “Healing While Indigenous”

For the Allies

A note to the reader: this post mentions thoughts and feelings of suicide. If you experience thoughts of suicide, please reach out for help. There is so much goodness left on Earth for us all, and we want you to stay. Immediate help is available via the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. If you’veContinue reading “For the Allies”

Love, Strength, Hózhó

Religious institutions have done catastrophic harm to Indigenous peoples over the centuries. The stated mission of government boarding schools was to “civilize” Indigenous children by eradicating Native culture and religion. This genocide was sponsored by the United States government, and carried out by religious institutions, in the name of Jesus. This was done by dividingContinue reading “Love, Strength, Hózhó”

The Earth Turned Upside Down

This spring I began working with a new therapist as I waded through the deepest depression I’ve experienced to date. When my therapist, Joan, asked about the possible sources of some harmful beliefs I held, I talked to her about my former relationship with Angela, my high school youth minister. This was nothing new. YearsContinue reading “The Earth Turned Upside Down”


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